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Information For Beginners

1. Never lose your sense of humour – you will need it to keep your sanity!:)

2. Breath … take a step back and have a few days without a doctors or therapy appointment. At the beginning it is hard to see through all the doctor ‘talk’ and all those assesments. If you have a very small bub: make sure that you don’t over do the therapy appointments! Let them be babies and simply love them. YES therapy is important but it is more important that you don’t let them rule your days. You will NOT be taken off a list if you can’t make a session.

3. You have the complete right to say to your doctor / therapist / health professional ‘ I don’t understand what you are saying’ and not feel like an idiot. (in fact you can say it as many times as you like until they explain it in a way that you do understand. You have the right to change doctors until you find one you like! We have a number of great ones we can recommend – just ask.

4. Ask your doctor if they know of any other family in a similar situation – and can he/she organise a contact?

5. CARERS ALLOWANCE = A bit of paperwork and a letter from your doctor can mean some financial help for you. Yes you are a ‘Carer’ which may seem strange but you are entitled to it, follow this link to see if you are entitled to it.

6. ECDP playgroups : These are Early Childhood Development Programs at various State Primary schools . eg Vincent, Bohle, Heatley. Ask your doctor to refer you . We HIGHLY recommend these playgroups, they are wonderful.  Fantastic, skilled staff and mums and dads like you go to them.

7. Inclusion Support Agency : This is run by the Townsville City Council and they can help get you assistance in your daycare centre. 


You don’t need to have all the answers at the start!

You DO need to pace yourself and conserve your energy so you can be the best mum / dad / grandparent / carer .for your child.

You can do this… even if some days you think you can’t. It will be tough going but parenthood is for everyone. If you don’t think of yourself as any different – then people won't treat you differently. The same goes with your child!