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Funding available

Assistance you may be eligible for and you can find more information about these payments and services at the following link:

  • Family Tax Benefit
  • Child Care Benefit
  • Child Care Rebate
  • Grandparent Child Care Benefit
  • Double Orphan Pension
  • Baby Bonus
  • Parental Leave Pay
  • Dad and Partner Pay
  • Schoolkids Bonus

Extra Assistance may also be available in:

  • Health Care Cards
  • Medicare Benefits
  • Child Support

Other Assistance in:

  • rent assistance
  • carer payment
  • carer allowance
  • centrepay; or
  • financial information service

Sometimes families find themselves in situations where parents are unable to care for a child. Instead, a grandparent or relative takes responsibility for the child's care.

  • Formal arrangements - where the care of the child is being managed by a state or territory welfare authority, or a family law parenting order is in place.
  • Informal arrangements - where family members have come to a private agreement about who cares for the child.

Note:  grandparents and relatives who are caring for children and live in the same house as the parent/s are not usually able to get any assistance.  If you're in this situation guve Centrelink a call to discuss your options.

Grandparent advisers - support grandparents with full time caring responsibility for their grandchildren, they can help you by:

  • understanding your family circumstances
  • providing information and helping you access payments and services
  • arraning appointments for you with specialist staff, such as social workers
  • arranging referrals to toher federal, state and community service providers who may also be able to assist you.

For information about grandparent advisers, visit:

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