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One in four Australian kids are bullied at school. They are bullied most or every day. Persistent bullying has been proven to lead to increased cases of depression, reduced academic achievement, social exclusion, self-harm and suicide. Last year, 12 Australian teenagers took their lives because they were relentlessly harassed and tormented beyond repair. These statistics place us as one of the worst countries for bullying in the world, alongside Kuwait and Qatar.

The word stymie means to stop or thwart. We want it to stop. And so do our kids.


"Every child and youth has the right to be respected and safe.
Bullying is a violation of this basic right."

Stymie allows bystanders to send anonymous notifications to Your School, about someone who they believe is being bullied or harmed.

The notification interface allows bystanders to upload evidence like screen shots of FB discussions, Snapchats, text messages or instant message conversations and an outline of the incident(s). Click here to view the notification page.

Your School receives the Stymie Notifications in the form of an email alert. You may choose which members of staff receive these emails.

The notifications are encrypted, anonymous and confidential. Stymie does not store any information; we are merely the road upon which it travels.

Stymie complements Your School’s existing student well-being/pastoral care framework.

Stymie was built in consideration of the Australian Safe Schools Framework and the recommendations from the Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study.


  • Bystanders are the largest group in the cycle of bullying. They are either witness to, encourage, take an active part in, or instigate bullying behaviours.
  • Most bystanders passively accept bullying because: they are scared, they don’t feel as though it is their business, they don’t like the person being bullied, they feel peer-pressured to participate or they think that notifying someone may make things worse.
  • Bystanders behave the ways in which they do because they are fearful and do not have the experience or skill, to deal with serious incidents.
  • Bystanders often feel guilty.
  • Stymie promotes the pro-social responsibilities of bystanders and outlines their responsibilities in the cycle of bullying. We are empowering your students to stand up for each other without fear.