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Infant & Toddler DVD Resource Kit

‘Here’s Looking at You – Connecting with bubs our way’Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Infant Communication from 0 to 3 months

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the Here’s Looking at You - connecting with bubs our way DVD. This DVD is a resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, families, carers and community workers.  During the first 3 months of life our baby’s brains and bodies are developing and growing fast. This first stage of life is the most important time for parents to spend time connecting with their babies and make sure that they get the best possible start in life. Our babies need us to love them and to help them feel safe and secure. This DVD package talks about how we can help babies to grow up strong by spending time with them—cuddling, playing, singing, reading, listening, telling stories and yarning.

Communities for Children: (07) 3290 5200 or  Child Friendly Community Consortium: (07) 3412 2940 or website: Logan Child Friendly Community Consortium.  Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health:  or Website

“Getting to Know You”Infant Communication and Social Interaction from 0 to 3 months

Current research has shown how critical early social interaction is for a child’s developing brain. In the hurly-burly of parenthood, it can be difficult to recognise your baby’s earliest communications. By focusing on the first three months of life, this video aims to help babies and parents get to know each other. NSW Institute of Psychiatry. Website:

*Note – only $90 for 3 DVD package - Getting to Know You, Hello Dad and Hello Everyone DVDs

“Hello Dad” - Infant Communication for Fathers from 0 to 3 months

Good Beginnings Australia and The New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry present “Hello Dad” Infant Communication for Fathers.  Sometimes, despite the amazing emotions of fatherhood, men can feel little more than bystanders. However babies know their fathers too and from the moment of birth, they are eager to interact with them.  Dads, as well as Mums, are crucial in helping their baby build relationships. Science tells us these relationships are crucial for the healthy development of babies’ brains. NSW Institute of Psychiatry. Website:

“Hello Everyone!” - Communication and social interaction from 4 to 16 months

This film deals with the core issues that parents of infants grapple with every day and presents the latest research in neuroscience and infant development in a format accessible to all. Produced by world-renowned experts in Infant Mental Health the film is designed to help parents understand the communication and social interaction of their infants aged 4 to 16 months.  This is the third parenting film in the ‘Getting to Know You’ series.  Between 4 to 16 months age infants are entering the most complex and exciting phase of human development across all areas, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. The familiar physical milestones become tools that allow babies to delight in their achievements and find new ways of relating to their world. Science tells us that healthy relationships are the key to helping infants grow.  We follow a group of families and share in the journey their infants take. We watch as the interplay between what infants are born with and the experiences they have shape the kind of person they will become, providing the path into their social future.  NSW Institute of Psychiatry.  


“Look at You - Aroha Atu, Aroha Mai” - New Zealand - Infant Communication and Social Interaction from 0 to 3 months

‘Look at You’ is based on ‘Getting to Know You’ which has been adapted to ensure its relevance for the New Zealand audience.  It is the first of a series of DVDs showing the ways in which babies are social and communicate right from birth. The DVD is aimed at helping parents, whaanau and professionals understand and respond to the social and emotional needs of babies, in the first three months of life. To order a copy, visit the South Auckland Health Foundation site. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD will benefit Kidz First Children's Hospital. Order a copy for $10 at Website: South Auckland Health Foundation site.

‘Raising Children in Australia’ - Resource for early childhood services working with parents from African Backgrounds (2007)

The resources comprise a guide for early childhood services working with parents from African backgrounds and a DVD for parents from African backgrounds with young children.   For a FREE copy of the DVD (packaged for parents) or Guide (includes a DVD) email or phone 1800 050 009. 


‘Stay connected, stay strong….before and after baby.’Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perinatal Support

Pregnancy, birth and parenting can be a very positive time, but sometimes it may not be how you expect it to be.  Adjusting to list as a mother can be hard and can make some women feel down and depressed.  This DVD has been created to support indigenous women, men and families understand the importance of good social and emotional well being during pregnancy and beyond. 

Email FREE order to:  PIMH@health.qld,