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Apps that you may find Useful

Autism Queensland web link:

Autism Queensland and a team of UQ Speech Pathology students have produced a quick, user friendly start-up guide aimed at helping parents choose appropriate iPad apps for their young children with autism.

With the plethora of apps it’s difficult for parents to know what’s appropriate for their children’s needs. The US based organisation Autism Speaks estimates there are more than 580 autism-related apps in iTunes and about 250 for Android.

'APPraisal of APPropriate APPs' provides a five point rating system to help parents select the right apps for their children.

Autism Queensland Senior Speech Pathologist Rachel Lavercombe said it can be very confusing for parents when first learning about the possible benefits of iPads.

“There are lots of extremely comprehensive lists out there, but these can become confounding for parents, as they don’t know which app to buy to suit the skill levels and needs of their child,” Rachel said.

“This guide aims to match their child’s skill levels and needs with a number of apps that may be useful, without having to purchase and trial them.

“For each app, we considered the independence needed to access the app, motivation, feedback given to the child, the sensory friendliness, the ability to customise, and language skills needed, as every child with autism is different.

“We’ve split the apps into 11 different areas according to how the app may support the child with autism, ranging from communication skills, social skills and activities of daily living through to apps that can be used to target academic skills, or help with emotional regulation and behavior.

“The list also includes a large number of free apps, which can help take financial pressure off parents,” she said.


Best Apps for Kids:

The site only reviews and includes app that we feel are the “best apps for kids”. A lot of that is subjective. As apps, technology and competition changes some apps that were 5 star apps will no longer be the “best of the best”. Always look for the most recent reviews and if you have a question about an app email us. This site provides links to FreeAppFriday, it is worth checking out the site.

It looks like you like every app you review. Do you have any apps rated 3 stars or less?

It does look like that sometimes, but it’s because we only feature apps that we feel good about you spending your time and money on. We currently only feature 4 to 5 star apps, although we do have a couple of 3 star apps, because we would rather spend our time reviewing apps we like than reviewing the many apps that are just not good enough.

What does it take to be a 5 STAR app?

Giving any app a star rating is something that we take a long time to consider. Not only do we look for near perfection in a 5 star app, but also innovation and the ability to stand head and shoulders above other apps. I know it’s asking a lot of an app!

I disagree with your review!

Reviewing apps is subjective, not only that but technology and apps change. What makes an app a 5 star app one day may not even get it featured on the site a few months later. If you feel that you bought an app based on our recommendation and don’t like the app please, please, please let us know and we’ll do whatever we can do to correct the problem.

Maths Cicculum - Take your math lessons on the road with our Math-U-See Manipulatives app for Apple and Chrome. This portable supplement features the same colors, shapes, and functionality as the physical blocks, fraction overlays, and algebra/decimal inserts that are integral to Math-U-See from Primer throughAlgebra 1.

Raising Children Network:

Download this free app on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and disability to get funding and services help, parent stories and reliable, easy-to-understand information. Proudly produced by Raising Children Network, the app is available for iOS and Android.

You can use the Children with Autism & Disability app before and after a child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or disability.

With this free app, you can:

  • use our pathfinder to navigate each stage of funding, services and support before and after diagnosis
  • connect to ASD or disability services in your area with a mapping tool and key contacts directory
  • navigate the Australian services system with step-by-step expert guidance
  • learn from other parents’ experiences through parent videos
  • get more information about disability and ASD from up-to-date, evidence-based articles.