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Music and Dance

Tiny Tappers – NEW – for children with special needs - Read Newsletter and details on their facebook page.

Croft Gilchrest School of Dance 

Do-Re-Mi Music for Children:   Do re mi music and movement classes for children from babies to 8 years and beyond are run by qualified and experienced teachers throughout Australia and overseas. Our music classes for children are dynamic, fun and exciting, including dance, movement, singing and playing instruments.

Happy Feat:  Happy Feat Inc is an amazing and fun dance group for individuals who have 'differing abilities!' Happy Feat Inc provides a very caring, supportive, encouraging and fun environment where there are no limits and no labels. Its a place where these incredible individuals can truly shine and show how extraordinary they are. It's a place where they can forget their disability because we highlight their 'ability' instead.

Kids in Harmony  The Kids in Harmony concept is one of a kind! Using a combination of music, massage, relaxation and values education we aim to nurture the whole family. At Kids in Harmony, we believe that being a parent or caregiver is the most important job any of us will undertake in life. Our programs aim to foster in children a love and respect for themselves and the world they live in.

Kodaly Music Education:  The Kodály concept was inspired by the philosophies of the Hungarian composer and educator, Zoltan Kodály (1882 – 1967). Throughout Kodály’s writings are the notions that a person cannot be complete without music and that music serves to develop a person on all levels – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually (Kodály, 1994). Kodály believed that every person has musical aptitude and that, ideally, a music education should begin as early as possible in a person's life - firstly at home and then later within the school curriculum. Kodály believed that singing should be the foundation of all music education.

Marque Music Performers: Marquè Talent Studios holds a very unique and substantial nichè in the Townsville region being the only studio to combine a complete performance package of song, dance and drama. There are a variety of singing, dance and drama lesson packages available as well as individual lessons. Marque Talent Studios is also the home of Townsville's fabulous "A Team". Go to the Tuition section for a complete list of singing, dancing and drama lessons that are offered to best suit your child from toddler to teen!

Tiny Tots Sign: Baby signing is a fantastic way to help your baby to communicate before they can talk. Babies have an amazing capacity for learning; they can understand speech and can follow simple directions before they are ready to speak themselves. Babies often get very frustrated when they can’t make themselves understood - and it’s frustrating for parents and care-givers too! 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something that could help ease this difficult stage? 
Tiny Tots sign could be your answer! A fun class full of singing and signing.
Baby signing is a fantastic way to help your baby communicate before they can talk;
• Minimises frustration for parents and babies
• Stimulates babies language development 
• Aids memory
• Stimulates brain development and improves IQ 
• Reduces terrible two tantrums
• Enriches your relationship with baby
• Communicate with deaf peers
• Great for bilingual babies
• Lots of fun

Townsville Academy of Performing Arts:  In a friendly encouraging atmosphere, with well supervised classes taught by highly qualified teachers, students will find the balance between technique and enjoyment in all forms of dance movement and singing.