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Toys and Creativity


The Toy Bug – Educational & Sensory Toys

Squiggles & Scribbles – Great Townsville Business for arty kids

“Inkyfeet” – A colourful and creative way to capture those cute baby feet and hands:

Kids in Harmony – Using a combination of music, massage, relaxation:

Baby Bumble Bee – DVDs & Toys:

The Transporters – Autism DVD

“I love a child with Autism – promo products:

The Therapy Toy Shop

Able Play – play products for children with special needs ( USA site):


Do 2 Learn : Resources for Special Needs:

Skill Builders – General educational products:

Reward certificates – Printable:

Alphabet Books – Printable

Free Teaching Resources for Special Needs

Visual Aids for Learning:

Dance Mat Typing : BBC : UK:

QPPD Booklet :


Switch Adapter Toys
Glen Allen School:

One Switch:

Simplified Technocology:

MERU: designs and manufactures bespoke disability equipment for children and young people with disabilities How to switch adapt a computer mouse?


Commercially available Switch Adapted Toys & Switches
Technical Solutions:


Novita Tech:  integrated technologies and approaches


Online Computer Games

Simple educational Games that can be played with a mouse/switch: http://

Priory Woods School:  great resources

Special Education Technology British Columbia:  Accessible Powerpoint Books: 

Games & activities that stimulate cause and effect: