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ACT for Kids

ACT for Kids

Act For Kids Townsville Services 

Ph: 07 4755 8777  F: 07 4755 8700
PO Box 153 James Cook University Townsville  QLD  4811
Lot 1 Endeavour Drive, Western Campus, James Cook University, Douglas QLD 4811

Hours of Operation:  9am – 5pm Mon-Fri

CONTACT  Renee McAllister – Regional Manager


The family support programs provide wrap-around support for families who need a bit of extra help to overcome problems compromising the safety and wellbeing of their kids. We work with the whole family to help them identify their issues and challenges, to set goals and provide any additional support they need to achieve them.

To ensure families have the best possible chance of success they connect with all the key people and organisations in their lives. They partner with schools, playgroups, other community services and specialist counsellors, government departments and extended families. The holistic approach helps families avoid a path of stress, reaction and potential child abuse and neglect. It’s amazing how much a family can achieve with a little help and understanding.

They work with families on whole range of things including:

  • setting routines
  • budgeting
  • discipline
  • stress management
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • nutrition and meal planning
  • developing support networks (family, neighbours, school and community groups)
  • connecting parents with training and employment opportunities
  • counselling for personal issues that affect parenting
  • creating a safe, healthy home environment
  • mental health issues
  • connecting them to other resources and support services as required.

The approach is tailored to each family’s needs by  empowering families to identify and address their problems and develop ways to cope into the future so they can better manage on their own. 

ACT for Kids Centre based at Vincent State School offers a number of much needed services to children and their families in Townsville and surrounding areas. 

Intensive Therapy Program - We help children and young people who have experienced physical, emotional harm or neglect (or who are at risk of such trauma) to overcome significant personal challenges.

This comprehensive counseling service is for children and young people (aged birth to 17 years) and their caregivers, who are referred to us by their Child Safety Officer.

Sexual Abuse Counseling Service - This service is designed for children, young people and their caregivers as referred to us by their Child Safety Officer.

We work with two referral groups:

1. Children and young people, aged 0-17 years who have experienced sexual harm or are at risk of sexual harm.

2. Children aged 12 years and under who display sexualized or early problematic/reactive sexual behaviours.

This service is provided on an outreach basis in Townsville, Ayr, Charters Towers, Ingham and Palm Island.

Early Development and Intervention Team – We provide targeted services for vulnerable children needing extra help with developmental, health, learning or social difficulties.

Children (0-12 years) in need of assistance are referred by their Child Safety Officer.

Our Early Development and Intervention Team consists of a teacher, a nurse, an occupational therapist and a speech language pathologist. They work together to provide developmental, early learning and health support for children and their caregivers.

All children referred to us in Townsville are screened by this team to determine if they can be assisted.

Education and Therapeutic Programs - ACT for Kids runs a number of educational and therapeutic programs which equip parents and carers with the skills they need to properly care for their kids. These programs include;

  • You Make the Difference
  • Protective Behaviours Puppet Show