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Early Childhood Development Program

Early Childhood Developmental Prorgam ( ECDP) Infant Playgroup to Prep class

Vincent State School
280 Palmerston Street
Vincent Q 4814
P: 07 4728 0436
Contact : Majella Staweno


Early childhood development programs and services support children prior to their first year of schooling (Prep) with significant educational support needs arising from a disability, to develop skills and behaviours to maximise their participation in their future schooling.

A range of early childhood intervention services is is available to support children with additional learning needs prior to school entry. Early Childhood Development Programs and Services provide support to children who require intensive, multidisciplinary programs.

Regions provide an array of early childhood programs and services to meet the needs of children with disability within their local context. This may include:

  • early childhood development programs - centre-based programs that provide direct focussed teaching for children with disability.
  • early childhood development programs may also provide outreach services for children with disability to other educational settings or within their home.
  • early childhood services- specialist teachers provided by the region to other educational settings or to the child's home. These services may be from an advisory visiting teacher early special education or an advisory visiting teacher hearing impairment, vision impairment or physical impairment.

All children who access early childhood development programs and services will have an individualised program or service plan developed. The individualised plan will outline the teaching focus and support that is provided to the child.

As Education Queensland recognises Prep as the first year of schooling, Prep students with disability are supported through their local state school to enable them to access and participate in the full Prep program on the same basis as their peers. The array of supports provided to students with disability enrolled in state schools can be found on the disability policy page.

This was a wonderful place to meet new mums in a similar situation as well as learned staff who can ease you through the process.

For ECDP’s in other suburbs please contact

Lesley Theodore 
Principal Education Officer Student Services 
Education Queensland
North Queensland Region 
P: 07 4726 3137
F: 07 4726 3100
M: 0429 567 968