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Down Syndrome Queensland

Down Syndrome Queensland

Down Syndrome Queensland
282 Stafford Road,
Stafford (in the school, parking available behind pet store on Stafford Road)
P: 07 3356 6655
F: 07 3856 2687


Hours:  9:00am to 4:00pm - Monday to Friday

There are no known factors to explain the error in cell development which results in 47 chromosomes rather than the usual 46. It happens at conception and the occurrence of Down syndrome has not been linked to any activities before or during pregnancy. Roughly equal numbers of males and females with Down syndrome are born to mothers of all ages, ethnic groups, countries and economic backgrounds.

What are the Characteristics?

Being blueprints for the body's development, genes and chromosomes play a large part in determining a person's characteristics. As many as 120 features have been associated with Down syndrome, although many individuals have no more than 6 or 7 of these. Characteristics can include physical features such as a flat facial profile and upward slanting eyes, intellectual impairment of varying degrees and increased chances of certain medical conditions including congenital heart defects, hearing loss and vision difficulties.

How Does the Syndrome Affect Development?

All children with Down syndrome have some degree of intellectual impairment , usually within the mild to moderate range. Most children with Down syndrome will reach developmental milestones in the same order as their peers without Down syndrome, however the age at which milestones is reached may be delayed. Perhaps the most important thing to know about development in children with Down syndrome is that they can and will learn.

Townsville Services

Private Physio using Chronic Disease Management care program: 
Luthile Arlett 
130 Charles Street
Cranbrook  Q 4814
P: 07 4723 7300

Private OT and behavioural specialist – Jillian Ballantyne – specialises in Sensory processing

Ear Nose and Throat:  Townsville Hospital or
Dr Lindsay Allen 
Suite 7, Level 3,
Mater Medical Centre
21-37 Fulham Road. Q 4812
P:07 4725 1333

Dr Cameron Altmann
21-37 Fulham Road,
Pimlico, 4812 QLD
P: 07 4728 9886

Hearing: Townsville Hospital or 
Australian Hearing Centre
24/28 Ross River Rd
Mundingburra Q
P: 07 4771 9100


Eyes: Dr Gaeme Kelly through  Townsville Hospital or private

Cardiologist: Dr Radford via Townsville Hospital - Women’s and Children’s clinic

Paediatrician : Dr William Frischman can be seen either privately or through the Townsville Hospital Women's and Children's clinic..

Dr William Frischman
75 Kings Rd Pimlico QLD 4812‎
P: 07 4771 5088

Sleep clinic: Mater Hospital Brisbane (publicly funded), travel costs paid by Townsville Hospital

The extended Medicare program (using a Chronic Disease Management Care Plan) can get you some subsidised access to private allied health professionals i.e. physio, speech. The program can also provide access to Psychologist (counselling) for parents/carers etc. Talk to your GP or medical practice manager. If they don’t understand it find someone who does. There are ways around almost every hurdle.

If you are having problems getting apointments get your Paediatrician to ring them or for the hospital ring surgical clinics reception (ENT, Hearing) and tell them your child has Down Syndrome and needs to be seen as a higher priority than 3. Follow up on all referrals to the public hospital. Make sure the referrals get there and you have an apointment when you expect one. If not harass (in a nice way) until you get what you need.

If you need help with Family Support Packages seek advice from Community Connections or Centacare.