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Therapy Services - Education Queensland

Therapy Services - Education Queensland

Methods of service delivery will vary according to need. Therapists may work with students individually or in groups. They may also develop and monitor programs that other team members implement. They work collaboratively with teachers and other team members, and provide training and resources that support education programs. Whatever the model of service delivery, there will always be some contact with the student.

There are three groups of therapists employed by Education Qld:

  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • speech-language pathologists.

Individual therapists bring unique skills and experiences to the service. There are departmental processes to maximise service consistency and standards across the state, while allowing enough flexibility to respond to local needs.

Education Queensland Therapy Services

Department of Education and Training, North Queensland Region covers north to Ingham, south to Proserpine and Cannonvale and west to the border. The purpose of Education Queensland (EQ) Therapy Services is to enhance or support students educational outcomes by facilitating their access, participation and achievement at school.

Occupaitonal Therapy and Pysiotherapy Services

Eligibility criteria 2011

Education Qld Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy may be available for;

  • Students with a verified disability under the Education Adjustment Program including intellectual, physical, vision, hearing, speech-language impairment,autistic spectrum disorder or multiple impairments.
  • Students with disabilities enrolled in special schools who are awaiting verification through the Education Adjustment Program
  • Students with disabilities enrolled in Prep who are eligible for an Education Queensland early childhood development program or service Students who are registered for an Education Queensland early childhood development program or service.

Education Qld  Occupational Therapists and Phsiotherapists undertake a wide range of activities to ensure a quality service to children and students at school, including:

  •  Assessment of student needs
  • Occupational therapy and/or physiotherapy specific input with students
  • Program planning, development and review
  • Assessment, prescription and review of aids and equipment
  • Involvement in the student individualised planning process
  • In-service training for others
  • Liaison with, and education for, parents/carers
  • Liaison with other agencies as needed.

Referral process 2011

Referrals can be made by teachers and members of the educational team involved with an eligible student. Parent consent is required when a referral is made.

The Service Request Form and Parent / Caregiver Permission Form available: must be completed by the referrer and can be sent to:

Therapy Services OR Faxed to: (07) 4759 4100