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Epilepsy Queensland

Epilepsy Queensland

Epilepsy Queensland

PO Box 1457 Coorparoo BC Qld 4151
P:07 3435 5000 or 1300 852 853 (outside Brisbane)
F 07 3435 5025

For an appointment with a member of our services team, please telephone in advance

Epilepsy Queensland Inc,    
Gabba Towers, Level 2
411 Vulture St


The Services and Programs we provide:

Skilled counselling - A multi-disciplinary approach
Our counsellors understand epilepsy as a medical condition and are able to provide a range of effective counselling therapies. Epilepsy affects every part of a person's life as well as those close to them. The multi-disciplinary approach enables us to handle just about any situation that epilepsy creates.

Information services 
Epilepsy Queensland staff respond to queries from individuals with epilepsy and those affected by epilepsy. We provide information through a wide range of books, posters, pamphlets, information sheets, videos, kits and other items. Epilepsy Queensland has published many books about epilepsy, including some beautifully written and illustrated books for children. Our newsletter, The Flame, provides up-to-date information on epilepsy and other issues. We also produce specialist newsletters for children, siblings, and parents of children with uncontrolled epilepsy.

Epilepsy Queensland's Children's Program
We have published books based on a character called Little Poss (our mascot). Poss helps young children know how to be a friend to someone with epilepsy, what epilepsy is (and is not), and how to help someone who is having a seizure. There is also the Little Poss Club. Members of this club receive a bi-monthly newsletter, a membership pack, birthday card and other benefits. Another important feature of the Children's Program is our work in schools and childcare facilities. We provide information for teachers, guidance for parents, and classroom talks for students in which we discuss feelings about epilepsy and issues like teasing and bullying as well as seizure management. For more information, please contact our Services Team on (07) 3435 5000 or 1300 852 853 (for Queenslanders living outside Brisbane) or email

Family Support Program
This program is to support families with children with uncontrolled epilepsy, or epilepsy, and another disability. The program is funded by Disability Services Queensland and it offers specialised information and support services for families.

Hospital visits
Our counsellors visit patients in major hospitals providing support and information on epilepsy.