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Postive Partnerships

Postive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships develops up-to-date evidence based materials and practical resources published online and delivered nationally through high quality training for teachers and other school staff, and workshops for parents and carers.

Supporting school age students on the autism spectrum

Positive Partnerships delivers the two components of the Helping Children with Autism package implemented by the Australian Government Department of Education.  The aim is to improve the educational outcomes for school age students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) both online and through face-to-face training and workshops in rural and regional areas around Australia.

When people connect with us, they are usually after practical strategies to support children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during the school years.

They might be struggling with ideas about a child’s behaviour, learning style or particular barriers to positive experiences for students within school environments.

We are all about helping you foster the productive school-family-community relationships you want to provide the best kind of support possible. We offer free, evidence-based workshops for parents and carers, professional development for teachers and school leaders, and online learning for anyone.

Ultimately, the focus of our work is on improving the educational outcomes for school age students living with autism across Australia.

Like all school-aged children, those with autism spectrum disorder and other diverse learning styles benefit from strong and productive relationships between the home and school.

Our goal is to support these relationships. We do this by developing evidence-based materials and practical resources to share as widely as possible.